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Alex and Emma

Book 1

What's more embarrassing than breaking your nose during a job interview? The ideal man walking into your life while blood is gushing out of your face!

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Mia and Logan

Book 2

How does a bad boy finally fall in love? It all begins with a Karma Book, a red couch, a banana costume, and a princess dress...

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Lucas and Taylor

Book 3


How do you loosen up a handsome, brooding billionaire with a broken heart? Nothing a game of Spin the Bottle, a skinny dipping dare, and poison ivy couldn't fix!

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Alex and Emma

Part 2

Can love truly conquer all? Even for a virgin and a self-proclaimed ex-sex addict?

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Vivian and Justin

Book 4


How do you cure a gorgeous investor with a curse of disastrous first dates? It all begins with a bet, a pretend date, and an accidental X-rated movie mishap.

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