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Find out the real story of what happened to the once close Mason twins and what caused their big fight. Told from Luke's and Bryant's point of view.

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The Virgin Club: Part 2 - A Sequel Novella

The hilarious sequel to The Virgin Club that fans asked for. Includes the infamous broken nose incident that changed Alex forever. Told in dual points of view.

New Audio Release
Love hilarious romantic comedies with all the feels? Then you'll adore The Virgin Club audiobook!

A young, modern Bridget Jones with a surprising twist!


★★★★★ "Perfection for me...It's quirks and surprises kept me guessing about what was coming, and they left me laughing and feeling joy."

★★★★★ "This book made me smile, tugged my heartstrings, and just gave me an all-around happy feeling..."

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